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Swimming Pool Cleaning & Servicing

The Premier Choice in Pool Care

Premier Pool Care works with swimming pools throughout the UK. Whether it’s a recent installation or you’ve had it for years, treating it with the care it deserves will allow you to get the best from it.

Scheduling regular service visits from a trained professional ensures the water remains pristine and extends the life of the pool.

Pool servicing and maintenance from Premier begins with a free home visit from one of our friendly engineers to assess the size, shape and location (inside or outside) of the pool.

We’ll then provide a competitive quotation and detailed schedule on how we’ll keep your swimming pool in the best condition possible. We’ll make a recommendation based on several factors whether your pool maintenance should be carried out weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

What does the Premier Pool Cleaning Service consist of?

A Premier service starts with analysing the chemicals in the water and ensuring they are the recommended level. We’ll then do some general cleaning work in the pool, including vacuuming the bottom, testing the performance of the pool filter and pumps as well as periodically cleaning your pool covers.

Our Premier Pool Care Package follows a 6 point process to ensure the quality and longevity of your pool.

PH Levels Analysed & Balanced
Our Pool Care specialists will take a sample of the water and run analysis on the PH levels and chemical balance. Balanced PH levels help towards keeping the quality of the water as high as possible, and in turn increase the life of the pool.
Pool Floor Vacuumed & Netted
There is nothing worse than taking a relaxing swim and something brushing up against you – which is why we take the time to vacuum the floor of the pool, and net any debris that may be floating in the water.
Pool Floor Brushed
Occasionally, when the vacuum of the pool floor fails to remove stubborn stains and debris, a through brush of the bottom and sides of the pool is required.
Tile Band Scrubbed
Above the waterline, a build up of grime and limescale can form over time and become dirty and unsightly. We’ll perform a thorough tile band scrub to ensure that this doesn’t get out of control.
Skimmer Check & Clean
Premier Pool Care will check the integral swimming pool skimmer, and remove any debris that may have made it’s way into it.

Unlike many competing pool maintenance services, the required chemicals and consumables are included in the price – so we won’t be knocking on your window for extra payment on things like chlorine, algaecide PH increaser and test strips.

How do we get started?

If you’re ready to learn how to keep your swimming pool in tip top condition and would like a free home visit from one of our friendly professionals, request a free consultation.

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