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We install pool covers & liners in Essex, Hertfordshire & the South East

Top-tier pool cover and liner installation in Essex & Hertfordshire with Premier Pool Care. Our selection includes robust covers ensuring safety, energy efficiency, and debris protection. Elevate your pool’s appearance with our customizable liners, resilient against UV rays and easy to maintain.

Trust us for expert installation of both summer and winter covers, providing comprehensive solutions for all your pool needs.

Energy Efficiency

Our pool covers act as an insulation layer, reducing heat loss and evaporation. This helps to maintain water temperature and significantly reduce energy consumption and heating costs, especially during colder months or cooler evenings.

Safety and Security

Pool covers provide an essential layer of safety by preventing accidental access to the pool, particularly for children and pets. They act as a barrier, reducing the risk of drowning incidents and providing peace of mind for pool owners.

Debris Protection

Our pool covers effectively keep leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris out of your pool. This minimizes the time and effort required for cleaning and ensures that your pool remains clean and inviting for swimming.

Water Conservation

By covering your pool, our covers help reduce water evaporation, preserving water resources and minimizing the need for frequent refilling. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice while also saving you money on water bills.

Pool covers FAQ

What types of pool covers are available?

There are several types of pool covers including solar covers, safety covers, winter covers, and automatic covers, each designed for different needs and seasons.

How do I choose the right pool cover?

Choose based on your primary need: solar covers for heating, safety covers for protection, winter covers for off-season, and automatic covers for convenience and safety.

Can a pool cover really help save on heating costs?

Yes, pool covers reduce evaporation, retain heat, and can significantly lower heating costs by keeping your pool water warmer for longer periods.

How do I measure my pool for a cover?

Measure the longest length and widest width of your pool’s surface. For irregular shapes, consider professional assistance to ensure accurate measurements.

Are pool covers safe for pets and children?

Safety covers are specifically designed to hold the weight of children and pets, providing a secure barrier when the pool is not in use.

How long do pool covers last?

The lifespan of a pool cover depends on the material and usage but generally lasts between 5 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance.

How should I maintain my pool cover?

Regularly remove debris, drain excess water, and clean with mild soap and water. During off-season, store the cover in a dry, protected area to avoid damage.

What do I do if my pool cover gets damaged?

Small rips and tears can be repaired with a patch kit suitable for the cover’s material. For significant damage, consider consulting a professional for repair or replacement.

Pool liners FAQ

What are pool liners made of?

Pool liners are typically made from vinyl, which provides a smooth, durable surface that is resistant to punctures and UV damage.

How long does a pool liner last?

The lifespan of a pool liner can vary, typically lasting between 5 to 12 years, depending on maintenance, usage, and exposure to chemicals and weather.

Can I install a pool liner myself?

While it is possible to install a pool liner yourself, it is recommended to use professional services to ensure it is fitted correctly and to avoid potential damage or issues.

How do I know if my pool liner needs replacing?

Signs that your pool liner may need replacing include noticeable fading, persistent leaks, wrinkles, or tears that cannot be repaired.

What is the best time of year to replace a pool liner?

The best time to replace a pool liner is during mild weather conditions, typically in spring or early autumn, to avoid extreme temperatures that can affect installation.

How do I maintain my pool liner?

Maintain your pool liner by keeping the water chemistry balanced, cleaning the liner gently with appropriate cleaners, and avoiding sharp objects in or around the pool.

What should I do if my pool liner gets a small tear?

Small tears in a pool liner can often be repaired with a patch kit designed for vinyl pool repairs. Ensure the area is dry and clean before applying the patch.

Are there different types of pool liners?

Yes, pool liners come in different thicknesses and patterns. The main types are beaded, overlap, unibead, and expandable, each suitable for specific pool configurations and aesthetic preferences.