ACTI Chlorine Granules (5kg Tub)

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  • ACTI Stabilised Chlorine Granules are the perfect way to keep your pool clean and clear throughout the year
  • An invaluable addition when combatting bacteria that lurks in swimming pools
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ACTI Chlorine Granules are specially formulated to be used as a stabilised shock treatment for pool water.

Chlorine is primarily used to kill both harmful germs and micro-organisms. Arguably one of the most effective broad spectrum sanitisers available on the market.

Chlorine-based sanitisers are available as granular or tablet products in which the chlorine is delivered in a solid form that is perfectly safe for pool owners to use, but when mixed with water the reaction releases a powerful and effective dose of chlorine.

ACTI Chlorine granules rapidly produce free active chlorine to kill off bacteria and other harmful organisms so that you have the peace of mind of knowing your family’s health is being protected.

They contain a built-in stabiliser making them particularly effective in outdoor pools where chlorine loss to sunlight can be a problem.

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